The information on this website is only for information purposes and does not replace the advice of your veterinarian.  All pets are individuals and without examining your pet, it is impossible to give you accurate medical advice.  Always check with your veterinarian before using any information you read on this site or any website.  The advice and comments found on this site are not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis, treatment or advice.  Dr. Walter Lam and Mobile Veterinary Services are not responsible for any damage, illness, death or harm that occurs from information found on this site or links from this site to other resources.

For your convenience,we provide our clients with a few method of home delivery of their petís medications.  Just call Mobile Veterinary Services at 808-383-2071 or email us at DVMWalter@Gmail.com and we can have your petís medications delivered to your door.  You may also pick up your pet's medication from us or pay a little bit extra for us to hand deliver it to you.

We donít carry a large selection of medications in the mobile clinic due to space and storage limitations but we do offer a very wide range of medications (more then most traditional Veterinary hospitals).  We can do this because we have setup a few internet pharmacy accounts and as well as accounts with 7 different large veterinary vendors (one locally) which will not only keep cost low to you, but will also allow for the very best in medications needed.  It is also very convenient for you as medications come quickly in the mail so there is no need to fight traffic and wait in long lines for medications.  Many pets, especially senior pets, also need to be on chronic medications for heart, kidney, liver, and joint disorders so re-ordering is easy, fast, and there is free shipping for these orders when using our online pharmacies.

All pets, cats and dogs,
SHOULD be on a preventative care program including intestinal deworming, heartworm prevention, and flea control.  This is in the best interest of the pet and the owner as many diseases can be transferred from pets to people through fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites.  Please inquire about what types of products are available as prices are constantly changing.

Using our on-line Pharmacies ( http://hawaiimobilevetservices.vetsfirstchoice.com) as well as our in-house pharmacy also allows you to get medications at a greatly reduced rate!  You must have a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship (be a client of Mobile Veterinary Services) to take advantage of this service as many of the products provided are prescription only, all orders will be approved by Dr. Lam before being filled.  When possible, we will suggest places and online websites where you can get cheaper, common over the counter items when available.  Please let us know if you see something cheaper then what we offer or post it on our Facebook page so that everyone can enjoy the price savings!

High quality nutritional products and diets as well as perscription diets from Hill's Science Diet and Royal Canin are also available (Dropshipped) directly from the manufacturers and because there is no middle man, your animals can get the freshest foods possible at the lowest possible prices delivered straight to your doorstep.  Why lug around heavy bags of food from the petstore?  Mobile Veterinary Services has accounts with these manufacturers so that we can provide the very best for your animals.  We have also recently made accounts with local vendors which supply Harrison's, Natura, Eukanuba, Iams, and IVF (Iams Veterinary Formulas) diets and treats at very low rates.  We encourage you to price shop so that you can see we do have the best prices and services availble in Hawaii!  We can also have these diets delivered to you when you make an appointment at least a week or two in advance.  Shipments for for Hill's Science Diet products are made every Friday so as long as you place an order with us before noon on Thursday, we can have your food by the next day / Friday!  Please inquire about how to get these diets. 

For those occasions which medication is needed urgently, we have setup accounts with most of the local pharmacies and vendors who can fill and/or refill necessary medications as needed.  We will call in a prescription and you can pick it up at your leisure.  Please understand that we do not have any control of the cost from local pharmacies and they will most likely be quite a bit more expensive compared to online pharmacies and what we stock on hand.
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