We recommend the initial puppy/kitten vaccination series to extend from 6 to 16 weeks of age.  During this time period the immunity derived from the mother is decreasing, and the puppy/kitten needs to build up its own immunity. This is extremely important in the prevention of deadly diseases such as parvovirus, distemper, and panleukopenia.  During this time, we recommend you not to socialize puppy/kitten with other animals as their immunity may be compromised.  Adult animals should also receive their vaccinations annually and pregnant animals should also be given a customized vaccination schedule in order to protect their babies.  We're not like the big retailers that push everything under the sky just to make a few more bucks.  We take in to account the age of the animal; the animals life style and what the animal likes to do, where they like to go and play; where the animal lives, and a host of other factors in order to tailor make each vaccine schedule for every individual animal so they are not getting anything they don't need as well as not missing anything which could potentially be life saving!  We will gladly go over with you what every single vaccine protects against and why we recommend or do not recommend what we do for your animal.

New announcement!!!  Intranasal FVRC and FVRCP vaccines are now available which means less/no chance of a vaccine site reaction.  This is good news for kitties!  There should be now no reason why your kitties can't be protected from these horrible diseases!  Please ask us about them and how this works.
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