Emergency Services

Mobile Veterinary Services currently directs all emergency surgical calls to Gentle Vets Clinic in Hawaii Kai where Dr. Lam works as an emergency Veterinarian.  Dr. Lam also takes emergency house calls when those services are needed.

If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, get help right away:

•Abdominal bloating or swelling
•Birthing problems (e.g., no puppy or kitten in more than 90 minutes)
•Difficulty urinating
•Eye disorder
•Fainting or collapse
•Hind limb paralysis (slight or partial paralysis)
•Prolonged fever
•Prolonged or heavy bleeding
•Repeated vomiting
•Respiratory difficulty
•Restlessness or retching (attempting to vomit) in a large breed dog
•Trauma (e.g., hit by a car, bike, or other forceful object), even
with no visible injury
•White, bright red, bluish, brown, or dark gums (or other mucous membranes)

Please note that if your animal eats something he is not suppose to, we do carry excellent drugs which will make them vomit but the time window to do this in is generally about only 2 hours before stomach contents move from the stomach to the intestines so time is of the essence!  The sooner you call for help, the better it will be even if it is just to find out more information.  There are some things you would not want your animal to vomit as it can actually cause more harm then good and many internet and rumored techniques on how to get your animal to vomit may be down right wrong and deadly to your animal.  An example is using hydrogen peroxide to make your animal vomit.  Not only can they possibly aspirate when you try to force it down their throat but it doesn't always work, can cause hemorrhagic gastritis, severe esophagitis/gastritis, diffuse ulceration of the stomach and esophagus, and other adverse effects including death.  Hydrogen peroxide also comes in different strengths and using one over the other can lead to deadly results!  Force feeding hydrogen peroxide can also cause to you to be bitten by your pet.  Dr. Lam will use hydrogen peroxide but only as a last resort when all else fails as well as in combination with other drugs.  There are many other safe and effective options available.

Please note that by law, we do NOT have to report any type of drug use or possesion by you or anyone you know.  We have no association with the Police or any Police agencies.  We do not care if you use drugs or have drugs, we only care about the health of your animal and telling us the truth and keeping us informed will only help your animal live if your animal becomes intoxicated from a drug overdose.  The fact is that we do carry antidotes for many drug related overdoses and the faster they are administered, the better the outcome for your animal.


Please note the earlier you call, the cheaper it will be and the faster we can help you and your animal.  The bottom line is that calling to ask questions and make appointments as soon as possible is not only cheaper but also potentially life saving!

Appointment Hours:
Mon-Sun 9am -5pm
(After Hour Emergency Services Offered )

(808) 383-2071


Service Areas:
Oahu, HI