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Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce the highest degree of quality medicine and surgery in a compassionate caring environment.  Our goal is to lengthen and enrich the relationship between you and your pets.  We firmly believe that health is best maintained through preventative care.  We are dedicated to continuous education, improvement of our mobile clinics and the adoption of technological advances to raise the standard of veterinary medical care.  We are truly resolved to the pursuit of excellence in veterinary medicine.

Core Values

-Patient centered focus with emphasis on education.

-Promoting the human animal bond.

-Practice high quality evidence-based medicine.

-Dedication to lifelong learning and community service.

-Dedication to having and using the most modern equipment, techniques, and practices.

-Strive to give your pets and animals the same if not better health care then their human equivilant.

-Stopping and preventing the spread of diseases.  Dr. Lam takes biosecurity very seriously and all uniforms as well as footware is disinfected before arriving to your residence.  Between appointments of different households, Dr. Lam and staff will change their full uniform and footware.  Footware is soaked in a bleach solution every night and all uniforms are washed with a high concentration of bleach to disinfect them daily.  All surgical equipment is sterilized through the means of autoclave or cold sterilization between use while normal exam equiptment is sprayed and cleaned throughly with the use of at least 2 if not 3 different microbicidal products between patients of different households. 

-We are dedicated to the first philosophy of medicine, "Do No Harm".  Dr. Walter Lam has never and will never perform any procedure on any animal which will cause harm or cause undue mental and/or physical distress on any animal.  This includes Non-anesthetic Dental Cleanings, Chiropractics, Acupuncture, Dew-claw removal or Declawing (without a medical cause), Cosmetic Tail Docking and Ear Amputation/Ear Docking (without a medical cause), Unnecessary Vaccinations, Suggestions of Feeding Raw Diets, and work for anyone which fights animals just so they can return their animals to fighting. 

-Dedicated to the relief of pain.  Dr. Lam has a true belief that animals should not be left in pain when we have the technology and means to relieve them of that pain.  It was not too long ago where many Veterinarians believed that animals do not feel pain and unfortunately;  Sadly some veterinarians still do believe this.  How would you like an aspirin as the only pain relief after major surgery or injury?

The fact is that animals-
1: Do feel pain yet are masters of hiding it.  When animals are in a pack, an animal that shows pain or weakness will be kicked out of a group or attacked and killed so animals will suffer in silence until the pain is so unbearable that the fear and pain over comes the threat of death.
2: We have the technology and know how to provide them state of the art multimodal pain relief which really isn't that expensive.
3: Animals can not gain, steal, use, and even understand the concept of money and go out to buy drugs if they become addicted to drugs.  Why not give them the pain relief they deserve? 
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