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The Hawaii Mobile Veterinary Service is currently a Solo Mobile Veterinary Practice which consists of Dr. Walter Lam.  Hawaii Mobile Veterinary Service only takes veterinary patients (specializing in Dogs, Cats, and Horses as well as some pig and goat medicine).  Dr. Lam also occationaly preformes relief/locum work at various local clinics.

Walter was born and raise in Honolulu, Hawaii.  He went to local public schools starting with Kahala Elementary, then moving to Nui Valley intermediate, and then to Kalani High school.  After high school, Walter earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a major in Biology.  Finally, Dr. Lam earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Western University of Health Sciences of Veterinary Medicine which is located in Pomona California (about 40 miles east of Los Angeles) which is one of the newest and most advanced of all the USA veterinary colleges.

After graduating from veterinary school, Dr. Lam was very excited to be a new veterinarian but knew that he could benefit from extended studies in order to advance his practical knowledge of veterinary medicine so he took some time off for personal externships in which he would spend about 1-3 months at a time at different veterinary clinics in California and surrounding states. While in CA, he provided preventative care and extensive emergency care to many equine and small companion animals.  He also was able to gain further in sight into advanced surgical care, dentistry, radiology and imaging, and emergency care.  Upon completion of his externships, Dr. Lam chose to come home to Hawaii to work as a small animal and equine veterinarian.  Dr. Lam firmly believes that preventative care is extremely important for a long and healthy life for your pet and this is one of the main focuses of Hawaii Mobile Veterinary Services.  Preventing problems in your pets is a lot cheaper for you and a lot healthier and safer for your animals!

Dr. Lam is a member of many professional organizations that allows him to constantly advance his education and stay current on the newest practices and technological advances in veterinary medicine.  He also attends regular Continuing Education conferences as well as subscribes to many veterinary publications. 

In his spare time, Dr. Lam enjoys spending time with his family and friends.  He also enjoys Automobile fabrication, modification, and restoration; Carbon fiber and Kevlar composite design and fabrication; Motorcycle riding; Horseback riding; Snowboarding; new Electronic and technologic advances; Home improvement and home repair; Gardening; Reading; Photography; Computers and Internet; and Travel and sightseeing.  He also enjoys taking care of his nephew and neices.

Hawaii Mobile Veterinary Services’s Mobile Veterinary Clinic operates in the entire state of Oahu, Hawaii.  Our home base is now in Ewa Beach but we don't mind traveling all the way to Mokuleia, Kahuku, Hawaii Kai, or Makaha/Kaena point when an animal is in need.

The information on this website is only for information purposes and does not replace the advice of your veterinarian.  All pets are individuals and without examining your pet, it is impossible to give you accurate medical advice.  Always check with your veterinarian before using any information you read on this site or any website.  The advice and comments found on this site are not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis, treatment or advice.  Dr. Walter Lam and Mobile Veterinary Services are not responsible for any damage, illness, death or harm that occurs from information found on this site or links from this site to other resources.
Is your veterinarian licensed to pratice in Hawaii?  Check here to see if they are, all you need is their Veterinary License number and this website which is run by the state of Hawaii DCCA.  http://pvl.ehawaii.gov/pvlsearch/app

Dr. Lam's Veterinary License number is VE-640
Appointment Hours:
Tuesday-Saterday 10am -6pm

(808) 383-2071


Service Areas:
Entire Oahu, HI
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