We are capable of performing minor general surgical procedures when needed.  For more serious and complicated surgical procedures, we will refer you to Gentle Vets in Hawaii Kai where Dr. Lam works as both an emergency veterinarian and as a staff veterinarian in which he can schedule you for more invasive surgical procedures should your animal need it.  It is recommended and ideal for all surgical patients to have bloodwork testing performed prior to anesthesia.  This helps us to know how the organ systems are functioning to provide the safest anesthetic protocols.  There is always a risk of anesthetic complications with any surgery, but we take great measures to make each procedure as safe as possible.  We also place all surgical patients on the best pain medications possible for a few days, and then taper them off to help with faster healing.  You wouldn't want only an aspirin as your only pain medication after major surgical work and we dont expect your animal to suffer either!  During this time, it is very important to follow our directions and to keep your animal as quiet and calm as possible as they probably will feel so good that they may accidently hurt themselves by doing things such as accidently tearing out sutures and bandages. 
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